A Smile of Fortune
A smile of fortune (Bard Crispin stories)
A Smile of Fortune
A story of minstrels, mages, murderers and debt collectors!Carefree bard Crispin coming back home from his parsimonious uncle's funeral does not expect that soon he will be mixed up in a murky intrigue involving magic, fear and a dwarf working as a debt-collector.A full of adventure and mystery fantasy story.--Published in Poland, Katowice, 1998.English edition © 201126 pagesSee also on amazon:When a chance presents itself to seize a vast fortune, Crispin the bard does not hesitate for a moment. However, it soon becomes clear that with great money comes great trouble, which the minstrel will have to face with a little help from his friends: the reasonable wizard Amerwend, the tough dwarf Marcus and the jolly halfling Bibble."Damned Inheritance" is the story in a fantasy series about the misadventures of Crispin, the careless troubadour.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery

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  • 12 and up
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This book is about a bard who is traveling to his family member's funeral and gets caught up in a life or death situation. The Man starts on his way to Romarillan, the city where his uncle's funeral will be held, when he meets a Halfling. This is where his story begins. When they get to the city, the bard gets stuck in a situation where he is in debt to an inn and the only way to pay is through thievery from a friend. The bard steals a ring that turns out to be a powerful wizard artifact, the ring of air.

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