The Skinny On Time Management
The Skinny on Time Management: How to Maximize Your 24-Hour Gift
The Skinny On Time Management
Jim Randel
The Skinny on Time Management summarizes for you the thinking of those who have spent years contemplating time and time management. This book will tell you exactly what you need to know to find the time to accomplish your goals. This book addresses not only techniques for creating additional time but also strategies for making more impactful and effective use of the time you have. Those people who master the techniques and strategies presented in this book are well on their way to the success they aspire to. In The Skinny on Time Management, you will learn how to:- beat back the impulse to procrastinate- create a goals-step-time analysis- focus, focus, focus- make the most of gaps- improve your memory and speed-reading- make your use of time powerful and impactful- multi-task- create a time journal- prioritize- triumph over distractions- batch for effectiveness.

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  • Nonfiction

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  • 12 and up
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I read the book The Skinny on Time Management. The book was written in comic form. The author, Jim Randel, wrote links to outside sources, such as the internet and other books. The book tells you detailed step by step things on how to reach your goal in a certain amount time. The author puts other links to outside sources so one can do his or her own research. 

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