Simone LaFray and the Red Wolves of London
Simone LaFray and the Red Wolves of London
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Book #2 in a Middle-Grade series. You guys reviewed Book #1 (Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers' Ball) a few years ago. Here is the jacket summary.

After her triumph at the Chocolatiers' Ball, Simone LaFray wants to fade into the shadows and avoid her newfound popularity, but it is not meant to be. Duty calls when a fellow junior spy goes missing from the posh Claymoore School in London and Simone jumps at the assignment. Going undercover, Simone soon finds herself embroiled in a complicated game involving dark forces, the enigmatic omni-key, and an unruly royal. First looks can be deceiving, but could a certain redheaded thief be pulling the strings?

In the second book of Simone LaFray Mysteries, Simone navigates school rivalries, oversees the opening of a new LaFray’s Patisserie, and finds herself questioning her loyalties as she prowls under the moonlight with the notorious Red Wolves. And to top it all off, the most popular boy in school can’t stop staring at her. The life of the world’s most promising young spy is about to get messy.

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Simone LaFray is not a normal girl, no matter how much she looks like one, because she is a spy. One of the agents of the Ministry, a girl named Claire, is kidnapped in London just after finding a very valuable package that would be devastating in the wrong hands. Simone has to take her best friend, the V, along with her to London to investigate the case. Only one problem: the V has no idea about Simone's secret life, and it must stay that way.

Simone, a junior spy, goes to London with her father, a famous chocolatier. She is going to look for a girl named Claire who was kidnapped. When she was kidnapped, Claire was carrying and protecting a device, the OmniKey. The OmniKey is a device that can open any computer or unlock any server. Simone must find it and Claire before the Maestro steals it back. Will Simone find Claire and the OmniKey? Is everything as it seems? Find out in this spy mystery novel, Simone and the Red Wolves of London.

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