A Rural Coincidence
A Rural Coincidence

Are village folks really that simple? What happens when rural people start gambling on drugs? Can a small girl from a village break the existing social stigma and become ‘modern’? Are love stories restricted to urban areas? Do genetics play a role in shaping decisions related to mischief? To what length can a father go to get his daughter the more important things in life? Can fulfillment come without education? Read this riveting short story of twists and turns in a village depicting the life of a farmer, his family and the village postman.

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  • Animals
  • Short Story

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Gambling, drug addiction, and poor crops are just some of the things that plague the life of Sunderlal, a farmer in rural Bengal India. Sunderlal is the main character of A Rural Coincidence, a short story by Debjeet Mukherjee. Focusing on his impoverished state and the fact that he can’t fund his teenage daughters’ education makes life so unbearable that Sunderlal decides to commit suicide despite the blessings in his life such as his family.

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