A Rat and A Ransom
A Rat and a Ransom
A Rat and A Ransom
Tom ran as fast as he could along the forest path, his leaden legs refusing to go any faster.He was sure the kidnappers were after him, but he dare not stop and look back.Frantic with worry he put his hand inside his jacket pocket and felt for her, but the pocket was empty. In despair he shouted her name. It was always the same dream and each time he awoke at the same point, gasping for breath and calling for her. An exciting fantasy for nine year olds, and all who are young at heart.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

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  • Any Age
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A Rat and a Ransom is an adorable tale full of adventure. It centers on Tom Lewis, a privileged but lonely 9-year-old boy, who wants a pet more than anything. One rainy Sunday as Tom is gazing out his bedroom window, he sees something outside that looks like an animal. He goes outside to investigate and finds a cat trying to eat a white rat who is hiding at the bottom of an old watering can. Tom adopts the rat, and names her “Mask” because of the black markings on her face. Then, Tom and Mask are kidnapped for ransom and held captive in an old farmhouse.

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