Yvonne I Lee

Yvonne was born in Swindon Wiltshire, the eldest of three children. From a young age her greatest joy, was to curl up with a good book. And over time she naturally progressed into writing. At the age of ten, she ambitiously attempted her first novel, but quickly gave up. However, the seed was planted. And in the coming years, in between a successful singing career, Yvonne continued to put pen to paper. Yvonne's first book is ‘The Shadowed Valley’ published in 2011. It’s a dark fantasy adventure for youth/adult. Her second book ‘A Rat and A Ransom.’ Is a fantasy adventure for 9yr olds/adult. It was published this year, 2012. At the moment, Yvonne in the process of editing her next book, ‘Through A Glass’ a fantasy adventure for youth/adult, due to be published later this year. In recent years Yvonne has had short stories and articles published in the pet section of a national newspaper.


Yvonne I  Lee