Potatoes for Pirate Pearl
Potatoes for Pirate Pearl

Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day with Pirate Pearl and her parrot, Petunia, as they grow tired of their hardtack biscuits and abandon ship in search of new vittles. Their treasure map leads them to an unlikely place: Farmer Fay’s potato farm. Farmer Fay shares her grub and her knowledge with Pearl, teaching the pirate everything she needs to know about growing and caring for a potato harvest. The unlikely friendship between the landlubber and the seafarer teaches children that friends are even more valuable than treasure. 

Just like potatoes are packed with nutrients every pirate needs, Potatoes for Pirate Pearl is full of potato facts to help farmers and pirates alike plant, harvest, and cook their tasty vittles. The back matter includes instructions for readers to grow their own potatoes, as well as recipes they can try at home.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Pirate Pearl and her parrot, Petunia, have spent months at sea. Finally, they have had enough of their boring hardtack biscuits to eat. Pearl and Petunia set out on a journey for something fresh and new to fill their bellies. When they meet Farmer Fay, they are really in for a treat—potatoes! After a few lessons in farming, Pearl and Petunia say goodbye to their new matey and set sail once again, this time with bags full of delicious treasure and a friendship to hold dear. 

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