Piki Goes to College
Piki Goes to College
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Piki Goes to College is the story of a lovable shelter dog who is trained by Joan to become a Service Dog. Piki (rhymes with sneaky) tells her own story, which is fun, entertaining and educational for children and adults. Her antics during her training are not only described but shown with color illustrations revealing her mischievous and independent personality.
Although Piki herself tells you a lot about Service Dogs, additional sources are included for adults, providing more advanced information about Service Dogs and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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  • Nonfiction

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  • 5 - 8
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Piki Goes to College tells the real life story of Piki, a dog, from his point of view. The story starts with Piki meeting Joan in the animal shelter or as he calls it “jail.” Joan adopts Piki, and Piki meets Joan’s other dogs, Buster and Raleigh. First Piki goes through basic training and then begins training as a service dog. Piki says this was difficult and learning to behave was a challenge.

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This book starts with Piki, a young dog who thinks he is in jail. He figures out that it is just an animal shelter and gets adopted by a human named Joan. Joan starts to train Piki and even teaches him special tricks and gives him a special vest. Piki doesn't always want to behave; he wants to run around and have fun with things like the Piki Flop and Roll! Then one day, Piki hears a woman say that he is going to college! He realizes that he has a very special job: being a service dog.
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