Packing Evil
Packing Evil (The Kylxon Chronicles) (Volume 1)
Packing Evil
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Magical shoes. Dead souls looking for a new leader. Incredible new powers. It’s enough to make any 7th grader doubt his sanity! Thirteen year old Pack's world is turned upside down when his deceased ancestors arrive to test his worthiness to be the next Kylxon. Clueless about his unique ancient family, and with only the help of his best friend, Sydney, he must endure their challenges as he discovers the amazing abilities and powers of the Kylxon. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of rotten fruit on Pack’s family tree to lead a young boy astray and down a dark path which could ultimately destroy his friend. But Sydney's a tough girl and she's not giving up her best buddy to a bunch of dead guys without a fight! Book one in the exciting new series “The Kylxon Chronicles”, a fantasy adventure about a reluctant hero.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Packing Evil is a book about Pack and his best friend, Sydney. They both live normal lives in a normal town until one day when they go to help Pack's neighbor with her recycling. They're working with the recycling when they hear Mrs. Wamdoffer talking on the phone about her computer. It isn't working right, but the computer company can't send anyone to fix it for a while because they are too busy. She adds that she would pay them $75 if they can fix it. While Sydney continues to work on the recycling, Pack gets up and running and Mrs.

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Pack Sunreptimus is a normal 13-year-old boy who likes to hang out with the Ecology Club. But his life is about to change forever.

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In the book Packing Evil by P.E Yudkoff, a boy named Pack goes on an adventure to find out what happened to his elderly neighbor, Ms. W. In this quest, Pack is accompanied by his best friend, Sydney, and a magical pair of weather-beaten shoes that hold the minds of his ancestors. Among the relatives, there are the good, such as a motorcyclist, an elderly soldier, and his great-great-great-great grandfather. With the good also come the bad, like a drunk man, a man who lived off of betting, and a mean boxer. While Pack is trying to find Ms.

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