The Outside Intervention
The Outside Intervention

A Russian Science Fiction Dystopian Novel You Must Read ...
Kier, a young out-lord, gets involved in a dangerous political game where ancient and modern secrets are closely intertwined. To save the largest city in the world from destruction, Kier leaves the Northern Heartland in search of a legendary artifact, created by the Founder of the Empire almost a thousand years before. Much more depends on the results of his search than is known to Kier.

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  • Science Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult

The world is tearing itself apart, and Kier Vorsmith is the only one willing to destroy it in the hopes of building a better one. He has finally gained freedom for himself after his latest experiences with governmental deception and familial betrayals. However, as an out (one who can control the minds of others), even his freedom is guided by the eyes of the emperor. Captain Dark has gone to great lengths to lure Kier into a high-power post, convincing him that his freedom and morals are unimportant when compared to the agenda of the emperor.

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The Outside Intervention by Andrew Orange is set in a new world order world where there are no countries. There is a Leader over the whole world population while the world's population is divided into segments or castes. The Vors are the ruling class while the simples live to serve the whims of the Vors. But the Vors are actually not the highest in society. The "outs" are higher and have the special ability to read peoples' emotions and even manipulate them. Most of the "outs" are entirely self-serving, self-righteous, and self-absorbed. Except Keir.

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