Outside The Box
Outside the Box
Outside The Box
Dan Allosso
Teenager Reid Anderson knows there’s something wrong with society, otherwise he wouldn’t feel so alienated. He has a problem with authority but can’t decide: “am I antisocial or does society suck?” So he goes through life pretending he doesn’t care. A new Wii console and simulation game show up in his rec room, and Reid is just bored enough to try them out. When a demon from inside the game threatens him in reality, Reid is plunged into a world of troubled teens he didn’t know existed. The demon’s challenge takes him on a journey of discovery. Suddenly exposed to other outsiders, Reid learns to question authority and find his own answers. He finds true friends among those labeled defective and cast aside by society—and together, they learn to fight for themselves. Set against a background of video games, teen mental illness, and anticonsumer counterculture; told through the eyes of Reid and his friends, Outside the Box challenges the safe, orthodox picture of the world championed in many popular teen novels.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Reid Anderson's dad works for a video game company, so he's not surprised when a new Wii console shows up in the rec room. Despite his lack of interest, Reid, bored, pops in the supposedly family-friendly game Simulacrum and picks up the Wii's controls. After seeing some not exactly family- friendly content, Reid meets another being inside the game-- one whose threats if Reid does not cooperate could really mess up his real life. On a search to find out what or who JCN really is, Reid, for the first time in his life it seems, actually has real interactions with other people.

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