Other People's Drama
Other People's Drama
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Other People’s Drama follows book one Other People's Crazy, which won LitPick Five Star & Top Choice Awards. In Brandon’s junior year at Mesa Grande High, he finally has a girlfriend, a best friend—even the lead role in the school play. But this newfound sense of belonging falls apart as off-stage drama upstages his life with cheating, bossing, abandoning, menacing, and more bullying! Unfortunately, actors aren’t the only ones who have to deal with drama. And without stage directions to guide him in real life, he’s got to figure this out on his own.


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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Other People’s Drama is a book following Brandon Filips in his junior year of high school. This is a continuation of Brandon’s story from Other People’s Crazy, which follows Brandon through a difficult period of his life with bullies and a rabid dog. Now, however, Brandon’s life has done a complete 180 from last year. No longer is Brandon the shy kid with no friends, but now, Brandon has a girlfriend and an oddball best friend whose best traits are his height and his humor.

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In Other People's Drama by Gregory Fletcher ,life has finally started to turn around for Brandon Filips.  He's gone from constantly being bullied about being the biggest guy in school to having a great role in the school play, having a girlfriend, and actually having real friends. Not only that, but he has started to take better care of his body, allowing him to lose some weight and regain confidence in himself. But when drama ensues at an after-play cast party, Brandon's newly perfect life starts to fall apart.

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