not just The Small Book of Meditation
not just The Small Book of Meditation
not just The Small Book of Meditation
Every day and with current lifestyles, we are losing touch with our inner self. We have started depending emotionally, physically and spiritually on someone or something else. We look for happiness and solutions in the wrong places. We tend to focus on the negative forgetting the positive. How do we combat all that is perceived as pain and suffering? Nothing can heal you unless you are ready to heal yourself and only YOU can heal yourself. Meditation is a beautiful inner journey to yourself. In this book you will learn simple but effective ways to find your own path. This DIY book incorporates techniques learned from Neuro Linguistic programs, The Silva method of healing, Hypnosis, Buddhism, Reiki, Osho and other great masters.

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Not Just The Small Book Of Meditation is an educational book with many insightful techniques to help with many feelings, such as sadness, forgiveness and anger. It also helps to develop the understanding of the mind, but the main focus were the meditational excercises.

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