Nine Days
Nine Days
Nine Days
Fred Hiatt
A fast-paced contemporary thriller in the vein of James Patterson and Anthony Horowitz set against the bustling backdrop of Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the border of China. This heart-pounding adventure takes place as two teens, an American teenage boy and his friend, a Chinese girl from his Washington, DC-area high school, must find her father who has been kidnapped—and they only have nine days. Although the characters in the novel are fictionalized, they are based on a real Chinese family who were part of the Chinese Democracy Movement and inspired this story."Few mysteries combine cultural diversity, politics and physical danger with a lighthearted friendship. This engaging mix will have great appeal."—Kirkus Reviews"A captivating thriller grounded in real-world problems."—Publishers Weekly"A rollicking and fast-paced young adult adventure novel."—South China Morning Post"Hiatt...offers middle-school-aged readers an appealing mix of action and friendship, with lessons about world events and human rights woven throughout."—Washington Post Book World“A compelling, teen-centric political thriller . . . inspired by actual events.”—BooklistOnline.comA NCSS/CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies

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  • Adventure
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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 Nine Days is a book about a boy named Ethan and his friend Tianna. They go halfway around the world without their parents knowing to look for Tianna’s father who disappeared. Tianna’s father is a political activist who wants a democracy in China and disappears after going to China illegally to meet other activists. Tianna is so distraught that Ethan decides to do something, so he buys tickets and takes Tianna and himself to Hong Kong to look for her father.

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