Mystic Invisible
Mystic Invisible
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Fifteen-year-old Monte moves to the mystically jeopardized Highlands of Scotland and discovers that life as a Celtic wizard is anything but easy. Whisperings of abnormal enchantments and vicious cat siths grip the small town he now calls home. Fear is at the helm. The instigator is unknown. And an indefinite moratorium on magic is enforced. In a race against darkness, Monte and his friends must choose who to trust before time runs out, even if it means breaking some rules and facing danger head on.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Mystic Invisible by Ryder Hunte Clancy is a fantasy story about a young boy named Monte. Monte belongs to a wizard family. His parents work for the IMB, a special investigation unit of the wizarding world. Monte and his family must travel to Scotland where old witch tales are actually true. Monte's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Darrow, with help from Monte's uncle must investigate the mysterious disappearance of young boys on the Ben Nevis. The wizards and witches know it's the work of the ancient Cat Sith.

Monte Darrow is 15 years old, and he's something special although he doesn't know it quite yet.

He lives in Salem, Massachusetts where he is usually spending time at the beach with his older brother Garrick having loads of fun. That is...until something strange happens. Did a seashell just save his life? And who is that mysterious girl?

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