My Crunchy Life
My Crunchy Life
My Crunchy Life
John Lennon fought for world peace, but sixteen-year-old hippie hopeful Kale Oswald's only made it as far as tie-dying his T-shirts with organic grape juice. Now he’s ready to cement his new hippie identity by joining a local human rights organization, but he doesn’t fit in as well as he’d hoped. After landing herself in the hospital by washing down a Ziploc bag of pills with a bottle of Gatorade, Julian Mendez came clean to her mother: she is a girl who has been seen as a boy since birth. Puberty blockers have stopped the maturing of her body. They’re also supposed to give her time to be sure she wants to make a more permanent decision, but she’s already Julia in her heart. What she’s not sure she’s ready to face is the post-transition name-calling and bathroom wars awaiting her at school. When Kale and Julian come face-to-face at the human rights organization, attraction, teenage awkwardness, and reluctant empathy collide. They are forced to examine who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world. But until Kale can come to terms with his confusion about his own sexuality and Julian can be honest with Kale about her gender, they cannot move forward in friendship, or anything more.

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  • 12 and up
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Kale and Julian are high schoolers. Sixteen-year-old high schoolers. Trying-to-deal-with-life high schoolers. Finding-out-who-they-really-are high schoolers.

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LitPick Student Book Reviews  My Crunchy Life student review
Despite going to the same school, Kale Oswald and Julian Mendez have no idea the other exists.
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Kale Oswald and Julian Mendez share more in common than they think; they both want to be someone else. As Kale joins the local human rights organization to fulfill his life as a hippie, Julian Mendez is scared for his future as Julia, a transgender woman. When Kale meets Julian, he becomes confused about his sexuality and who he really wants to be. While Julian begins his transition into becoming a woman, Kale realizes that maybe he is wanting to be a hippie and activist for all the wrong reasons.

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