Moonlight in the Forest - FeyTerrah Series Book 3
Moonlight in the Forest (The FeyTerrah Series Book 3)
Moonlight in the Forest - FeyTerrah Series Book 3
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When Dreamer and Lily return to FeyTerrah, they bring along a large number of fey descendants from Otherworld. Sir Elo and Dreamer share with King Solren information that could influence the future between the two worlds. The king arranges a council meeting and commissions Dreamer and Lily to invite the other kings and representatives of the dragon race to the event. During their journey, Lily learns the entire history of the magical Ninatlee necklaces. The dragons reveal a startling secret about the Riverlord family. After meeting Rachel’s family, Dreamer discovers that Lily may possess astonishing powers that could free them from the mysterious spell on the necklaces. And, that the cost of breaking the spell might be very high.

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  • Fantasy
  • Series

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  • 12 and up
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Moonlight in the Forest is a continuation of the FeyTerrah series with a few new twists. The ring bearers have been found, and with them, true friends of the fey as well. Lily and Dreamer are now given the task of gathering all the rules of FeyTerrah to decide on how to continue. The passage between the border of FeyTerrah and Earth has been extremely restricted, but Lily and Dreamer intend to change that. With true friends to the fey and elves in Earth, it might be a time for second chances.

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