Monster in the Water
Monster in the Water

get a nasty surprise when they go to their local beach and find it closed.
Is there a monster lurking in the water? The kids enlist the help of a local
scientist to learn the causes of the harmful algae growing in their beloved
ocean and what they can do to defeat this destructive monster! Written by a
kid for kids, Monster in the Water is an engaging and empowering story.

Book Details


  • Educational

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Monster in the Water is an excellent picture book that explains causes of water pollution in oceans and lakes. All of the kids in Seaville are very excited about going swimming on their beachfront. But when they arrive, there is a sign that says no swimming, and the water is green! Is there a monster in the water? It may not be a monster, but it is something scary: harmful algal bloom! Will the children and the town be able to fight this monster?

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