Molly Shipton, Secret Actress
Molly Shipton, Secret Actress
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England. 1598.
Queen Elizabeth rules the waves.
Molly Shipton and her sister lose everything in a plague. To evade the clutches of Mr. John Barnes, they flee to Stratford-upon-Avon disguised as boys. After several narrow escapes, they make their way to London where Molly becomes a star of the London stage. However, it is illegal for girls and women to act. Will Molly get into trouble with the authorities? Or will Shakespeare write a play with her in mind?

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Molly Shipton had always lived a happy life with her family in their tiny village of Bidford-upon-Avon during the late 1590's. But when The Plague attacks their village, killing both of her parents and leaving most of the villagers dead, Molly knows she must run away with her little sister, Juliet, to survive. Her brother, Ben Shipton, has gone missing and is assumed to be dead although Molly hopes deep in her heart that he is still alive. Molly and Juliet disguise themselves as boys and sing and play the lute on the street to earn money.
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Step back in time to 1598, to the village of Bidford-Upon-Avon in England, where the ghost of Lady Shakespeare introduces a captivating tale filled with danger and deception. Left orphaned by the plague, Molly and her sister Juliet are forced to disguise themselves as boys to survive. As they navigate a world where it is illegal for females to act on stage, they catch the attention of a Duke who offers to become their patron. But with their newfound success comes a warning from the lead minstrel: patronage can be a golden prison.

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