Mica Elizabeth, Military Brat (Desert Secrets)
Mica Elizabeth, Military Brat (Desert Secrets)
Mica Elizabeth, Military Brat (Desert Secrets)
Alexis Mills, Kimberly Loeper
In a small town like Coyote, Nevada, everyone knows the new kid. Mica didn’t realize how much some of them would know. Before her first day of school is over, she meets a group of kids that know more about her than she could ever dream. They told Mica her dad works at Area 51, not Nellis Air Force Base like he told her. Now they want her to spy on him to see what’s going on at Area 51. Mica doesn’t feel right about spying on her dad and besides, she’s not even sure Area 51 really exists. She’s used to her dad having to keep different parts about his job secret, but she has a hard time believing he would lie to her about their family. This all changes when she catches him in a lie. Now Mica is on the hunt for answers. Is her grandpap still alive? Does her Dad really work at Area 51? What is this top secret aircraft he is testing? With the help of her new friends, Mica will find the answers she is looking for.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Mica Adams is used to being a military brat, so it doesn't surprise her when her father takes her to Coyote, Nevada. After previous experience, she is aware that some of her new classmates at her school might know a little about her. But a group of friends that she can relate to, surprisingly, knows more about her than she is prepared for. Her friends reveal to her that her father is really a part of a top-secret government organization called Area 51. Together, Mica's friends set out on a quest to discover the secrets of Area 51.
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