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Mica Elizabeth, Military Brat (Desert Secrets)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 16
Reviewer's Location - Dorr, MI , United States
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Mica Adams is used to being a military brat, so it doesn't surprise her when her father takes her to Coyote, Nevada. After previous experience, she is aware that some of her new classmates at her school might know a little about her. But a group of friends that she can relate to, surprisingly, knows more about her than she is prepared for. Her friends reveal to her that her father is really a part of a top-secret government organization called Area 51. Together, Mica's friends set out on a quest to discover the secrets of Area 51.


This story didn't engage me as much as I thought it would. The plot line didn't make sense, mainly. However, I loved the way the characters were developed, and Mills will go very far with that in her writing. I feel that the plot line could have been a little more interesting, though. Something else that I admire about this story, is that the ending leaves people wondering: Is there really an Area 51? I suppose that that will be revealed in Mills' next in the series: "Home on the Range". I would recommend this book for all ages, because there isn't any swearing in the story whatsoever.
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