Mendip Moon
Mendip Moon

Liam is a troubled teenager who just can't learn to read, no matter how much he tries. He wants to be an artist, but his father, a high flyer in the banking world, thinks he should get a 'proper job' and dabble with his hobby later.After an episode in London involving the police, his father sends him to stay with his blind cousin, June, in a backwater village on a remote hill in Somerset.

His biker friend, Ash, follows follows him, thrusting him into an adventure that sends him into the dark past. There he has to discover the strength to reject an offer of Immortality… Is he strong enough?

Modern lives clash again the magic of legend as a young man finds his true strengths – or does he?

Filled with magical action and rich with olde world heroic charm, this novel will engage children, teenagers, and adults.

Book Details


  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

This story takes place near Summerset in England. At first, the landscape is described as dark and inhospitable, but as the main character, seventeen-year-old Liam explores the countryside, he begins to see its beauty.

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