Meet Odie
Meet Odie

Written from a dog’s perspective, this lighthearted, interactive book teaches young children about dogs. Odie describes his physical traits, behaviors, apparel, adventures, and other insightful facts about dogs and other animals.

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  • Animals
  • Educational
  • Environment
  • Nonfiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Odin (or Odie as his friends call him) is a very curious eight-year-old dog. Not only is he curious, but he is very intelligent too!  He knows many tricks such as looking out the window on command or giving high fives! Odie lives in a blue and white house, and he loves to explore the world around him. In this book, Odie introduces himself to you and takes you along on his day so you can see all the things he enjoys in life. Odie also knows a lot about various animals and things around his house, and he teaches you all about them in this book.

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