Maid for Me, Too
Maid for Me, Too: (Maid for Me Book 2)
Maid for Me, Too
Two years ago, Jaiden Daniels, son of a billionaire, fell hard for spunky spit fire Mina Lin. Jaiden could have anything or anyone he wanted. And yet he couldn't have Mina's heart. After Mina rejected him, Jaiden thought that the pain of his broken heart would eventually be nothing but a faint whisper.Oh how wrong he was. Two years later, Jaiden attends prestigious Kingston University as a medical student and dates a gorgeous and intelligent girl named Ivy Blackwood. One day, he bumps into Mina again on campus and pretends he doesn’t know her. Has he lost his memory? Or is he playing a game and seeking revenge against her for breaking his heart? Mina discovers that she always had feelings for Jaiden. A series of sweet events draw Mina into Jaiden’s arms. Does he still love her? Or is he toying with her heart? And what about his girlfriend Ivy? Lurking in the shadows is someone more dangerous than a jealous girlfriend. Mina has a secret admirer, a shadowy and terrifying creep who would do anything to have her, including taking Jaiden’s life.Will true love prevail this time around for Mina and Jaiden or will it all be too late for our star-crossed lovers? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Maid for Me series, Maid for Me, Too!This book is intended for older teens. There are some scary situations and sexual innuendos. It is appropriate for readers ages 13 and up. Young Adult Contemporary: YA Romantic Comedy, Action, Suspense, ThrillerTo learn more about Kat Lieu, visit

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  • Chick Lit
  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In the second installment, Mina has made a new friend called Dani and has become more confident in herself, both mentally and physically as she is now living her dream: studying architecture at university and following in her father’s footsteps. However, not everything is as peaceful as it seems, because there is a strange person on the university campus that has set his sights on her. Luckily, Jaden is still the one for her, always swooping in at the right moment to save her.

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