The Magic Sea Turtle
The Magic Sea Turtle
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Once upon a time, Myrtle chased her dreams–dreams of being a queen with a crown that sparkled like the moon. One day, she tumbles down, down, down into the sea. Max helps rescue her and a magic carpet flies her to a place even more amazing than her sandcastle dreams and she discovers an entire ocean of possibilities! There are dolphins who welcome her and a friendly otter with the biggest smile. They can teach her to swim and enjoy the day. Another magical glow surrounds Myrtle when she decides to stay and wishes to be a sea turtle like Max. 

And guess what? Myrtle's fall may have been unexpected, but thanks to a touch of magic, it leads her to a place where her wishes come true. Myrtle becomes a queen AND a magic sea turtle too, ready for incredible adventures! Myrtle the Turtle learns that being a queen means having the best friends ever. And with her sparkly crown and a heart full of joy, she is the happiest queen the whole ocean has ever seen!

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  • Animals

Age Level: 

  • 3 - 5
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Myrtle finds herself on a wild adventure in the unpredictable waves of the sea after she falls out of her kingdom in the sky. Along her journey, she meets some kind sea creatures to aid her to safety. Not only do these floating friends ensure her safety, but they also teach her to believe in herself to accomplish her wildest dreams! Join Myrtle on her underwater adventure and discover this seaworthy story!

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The Magic Sea Turtle by Kathleen Welton and illustrated by Chau Pham is a picture book for young children ages 3 – 5 years old.  Through engaging rhymes and colorful illustrations, Ms. Welton tells the story of a young girl named Myrtle who has a dream of becoming a princess with a glowing crown.  Myrtle accidentally finds herself falling into the sea where she meets a magical sea turtle named Max.  Max introduces Myrtle to many other delightful and friendly sea creatures who help Myrtle realize her dream and find happiness within their sea world.

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