Maddy and Grace Solve the Crime
Maddy and Grace Solve the Crime
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Maddy and Grace are together again in this fun and educational children's book from the popular Maddy and Grace series by author Gerald Ruhoy.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Packages have been going missing around Maddy and Grace's neighborhood. Since Maddy and Grace get home from school before any of the adults return from work, they decide it is up to them to figure out who has been stealing the packages. The police tell them that they think it is someone in the neighborhood. The main person that everyone around the neighborhood suspected was Billy, a shy neighborhood kid who seemed suspicious. Maddy and Grace go and question him, but they decide he is innocent.

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Maddy and Grace Solve the Crime is a thirty-six-page picture book that prompts Maddy and Grace to try to solve why the neighborhood packages are disappearing. The people of the neighborhood called the police, and they said to stay alert for anything unusual. Soon rumors started about a kid named Billy who cut school a lot because he was picked on at school. Maddy and Grace decided to set a trap using a wrapped box with a bell on it, but that idea did not catch the thief. Across from Billy’s house a new “For Sale” sign was on the lawn, and the grass was tall.

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