Maddy and Grace Fight the Fog
Maddy and Grace Fight the Fog

Maddy and Grace Fight the Fog. Having fun is the goal of every kid on summer vacation. But having a wonderful time comes with awareness and responsibility. Maddy and Grace find out what happens when they ignore safety precautions while pursuing their favorite adventure. This is their story of fun, excitement, and unbelievable danger. Enjoy the ride.

A sequel to:

Maddy's Dream

Maddy and Grace at the Racetrack

Maddy and Grace meet the Alien

Maddy and Grace solve the Crime

Maddy and Grace at the Haunted House

Book Details


  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Maddy and Grace always look forward to spending a week in Maddy's grandma Mei's house in summer as they've been doing for the past three years. Every year they get to go fishing, swimming, and have fun on the beach, and this year is no different. Maddy and Grace decide to go on a fishing trip and paddle out to the middle of the water being careful not to wander too far from shore for fear that they will get lost. After getting caught up with fishing and staying out in the water a little too long, they get engulfed in a thick layer of fog!

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