The Love of Vera
The Love of Vera
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Vera and Gino were young New Yorkers who enjoyed being together and trekking around the City. This is a story about familial and romantic love intertwined with an exploration of truth, beauty and the good. Gino and Vera always hoped that love, family and health would be the essentials for their happiness. Unfortunately, his wealth, sincere religious faith, Vera’s deep love for him, and his family’s mafia power could not rescue Gino from the pain of being in love with Vera. Dramatic events in the lives of Vera and Gino only compounded the pain of their unrequited love. Vera’s father and Gino’s mother, were lovers. Circumstances that forced Gino to kill were at odds with his sentiments and religious beliefs. An attempt on Gino’s life was prevented by a mob hit that was kept secret from Vera and Gino. The enjoyable times spent together in the City could not alleviate the pain of their unrequited love. Vera’s deep love for Gino was rebuffed by him. The situation became so dire that Gino seriously considered the priesthood and enrolled in a seminary. It was not their family’s wealth or its power to kill, but only the truth that could set Vera and Gino free.


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The Love of Vera by Alice Magro follows the story of two young New York lovers, Vera and Gino, dealing with their own insights on life with family and faith. On top of their parents' history and Gino’s syndicate power, they continue to overcome and grow deep in their relationship. However, when there’s a pursuit on Gino’s life, their world in The Big City starts to shake and tremble. How will their love from friends, family, and notably each other help them overcome all the perils?

The Love of Vera by Alice Magro is a contemporary romance fiction based on deep thoughts and values of profound love. Gino and Vera are distant cousins who are in love and had suffered the loss of parents. Brought up in a wealthy family with mafia connections, the setting of this book is partly like the acclaimed Godfather series. It takes you on a journey full of romance, action, and adventure. We get to witness love stories from two generations - of Gino and Vera, and uncle Armando and aunt Yolanda. Vera’s college life and her relationship with Gino is well documented in the pages.

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