Alice Magro

Born in Troy New York, Alice Magro attended a Catholic grade school and high school and following that earned a baccalaureate degree in Business from Albany University. She has had a wide variety of professional interests including: taught in a Catholic high school; was an assistant to the director of a psychiatric hospital; and, was an assistant to the president of a large accounting firm. Subsequently, she served as president for 35 years of Orgama, Ltd, a company that manufactured men’s specialty store items under the brand name Fabio. Having an interest in the sciences, she worked in a research laboratory as a research assistant performing scientific experiments and published scientific articles on cancer research in peer reviewed journals. Alice and her husband of 45 years enjoy sailing, both cruising and racing, as well as playing golf along with worldwide traveling, camping and hiking particularly within the US National Parks. She has always had an interest in the interrelationship of sciences and the humanities. An avid reader, she appreciates all forms of literature. A natural story teller she records her experiences and activities. She likes to have discussions on the level of ideas. The Love of Vera is the first narrative Alice has written for publication.


Alice  Magro