The Liberation
The Liberation (Emancipation Warriors) (Volume 2)
The Liberation
How far would you go in the fight for your country’s freedom when it’s crumbling from within? In the near future, all seventeen-year-old Vivica Wilkins wants is a normal life. Time with her boyfriend, her computer, sports. But after becoming a fugitive, the only place she’ll be safe is among the enemies of the government. She has no choice but to join the Emancipation Warriors, the only hope for the United Regions of North America to return to the country it once was. When her mother is taken as a political prisoner and slated for execution, the Emancipation Warriors change Vivica’s appearance, identity—everything. With her vaunted computer hacking skills, she’s able to infiltrate the government with a job that gives the Warriors a foothold in their fight for freedom and the chance to save her mother. But soon Vivica is discovered, and her only chance of escape is to become allies with one of her greatest enemies. Together they must follow the government’s trail of evil to its highest levels, where they learn not only the future of their country is at stake, but the entire world. From the cities of the United Regions of North America to the high-tech corridors of Asia, The Liberation is an international thriller with an all-too-possible scenario that will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go.

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  • Faith-based
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Vivica Wilkins is on the run in a not-so-distant future. As a fugitive, she has no choice but to join an elite group of rebels that are hell-bent on making change happen. As she sticks with the rebels, she begins to realize that maybe she should start making some changes alongside them. But to do so, she must change her entire appearance: her face, her eyes, and even her voice. She must become Fredrica Lloyd, an undercover agent who must infiltrate the government.

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In The Liberation by Marissa Shrock, the main character, Vivica, goes through life altering experiences in order to make a future world a better place for mankind. The main character is a seventeen year old young lady. She  is witty, smart and quick thinking. As events happen, Vivica adjusts quickly to changes. She lives in a twisted dystopian society between true Christians, and those who use Christianity as a tool to control people's lives.

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Set in the future of our country, Vivica Wilkins, a fugitive, has to go into hiding. She decides to join the rebels so they can defeat the government. Her mother, a governor, has also been captured by the government for hiding Vivica, and somehow Vivica must get her out. Losing her dad at age four was hard, but seeing others killed because of her was even harder. Peacemakers, a group of people who wanted all Earth to act as one nation, see the movement of the rebels as a way persuade America into joining them.

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