Lessons from Underground (Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant)
Lessons from Underground (Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant)
Lessons from Underground (Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant)
Bryan Methods
Young Oliver Diplexito and his family's trusted valet, Mr. Scant, live a comfortable life, thwarting robberies and getting home in time for tea. But when arch anarchist Aurelian Binns returns, Oliver and his mentor soon feel the heat. After Aurelian steals a priceless diamond from the Tower of London, it's up to Diplexito and Scant to defend king and country. And when an old ally of Mr. Scant's emerges—only to side with Binns—the betrayal sends the heroes spinning. So begins a chase that will take Oliver and Mr. Scant all around the globe. As danger draws nearer and secrets emerge, Oliver starts to wonder—who's truly in the wrong?

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  • Special
  • Humor
  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant: Lessons from Underground by Bryan Methods is set both in Cape Town, South Africa and on the Titanic. The evil criminal, Aurelian Binns, stole a priceless diamond from the king, and Master Diplexito and Mr. Scant can’t get it back because Aurelian is too sneaky. Diplexito and Scant chase Aurelian and wind up on the Titanic. Fortunately, they disembark before the Titanic sinks. Luckily their friend Mr.

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