The Kota: Book 1
The Kota: Book 1 (The Kota Series)
The Kota: Book 1
The future is an ugly place, but we are not left without hope...In a war-scorched future, the Dominion tyranny rules with an iron fist.  Genetic experimentation has created freaks and unbeatable soldiers alike.  The Elite thrive in technologically advanced cities while common citizens languish in poverty.  And always, the dehumanizing DRK virus threatens.Only a people called the Kota offer hope  - hope in the form of prophecies... It is Trok's responsibility, after 500 years, to find and unite four prophesied Kota Warriors destined to save Earth.  However, nothing about these children is what Trok expects.  Loree is an assassin with the uncanny ability to dematerialize.  Zaak is forced to grow up on an alien planet. Alex is a telepath mysteriously abducted for a year.  Ryu has incredible mutate-genes of strength.Whether the Warriors are ready or not, Earth and its struggling rebels are in desperate need of saviors.  But can four Warriors really make a difference? Working as the immortal Interceder, Trok knows that winning this war will take a miracle - one even he cannot foresee. 

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
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  • Paranormal
  • Science Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Troy Kandoya is a typical government employee who just wants to live his life in peace. But his brother, Lee, a religious leader in the mysterious and highly distrusted Kota, is making that difficult. When strange lights start appearing in the sky and some of the prophecies the Kota released start to come true, the public hatred towards the Kota rises. Lee then approaches Troy with the craziest idea of all.

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