Knowing Jack
Knowing Jack
Knowing Jack
Julie Elizabeth Powell
Twelve-year-old Jack knows they shouldn’t go, but is unable to persuade his parents not to take the planned trip to the Lake District, England. Something was going to happen, but what? The weird feelings he had were always so fuzzy and they didn’t always make sense. Maybe it was just because he’d have to spend time with his pampered cousin, Rosie? Anyway, it was nearly Christmas and what could go wrong with just staying in some cabin in the woods? He was being stupid…all he had to do was ignore the way his belly churned and his head pounded. He might be wrong after all.This mystery adventure tale will drag you into the depths of an icy landscape where you may be afraid to breathe.The setting is the Lake District in the UK; an exquisite location which almost becomes a character in itself... Rosie MorganWhat a gripping read! I was engaged from the opening pages. The characters were well-built and believable, the pace quick, and there were a few surprises... Marianne SciuccoThe author's descriptive skills are excellent. She wove a tale that drew you in and held you right the end... Yvonne LeeIt's a great adventure story that keeps you wanting more and cheering on the good guys. I loved it so much I read it again... LuzmariaThe pacing is non-stop thriller. I highly recommend it...Mallory Heart ReviewsExciting, a few tugs at the heart-strings, interspersed with humor that can make you laugh out loud - who could ask for more? L. GardnerBecause of Powell's well-told, vivid, engaging scenes, I felt the emotions of the characters and was immersed in the action... On The ProwlCover Design: Julie Elizabeth PowellSource photo: WinterFree Digital PhotosSource photo: Free Photos

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  • Adventure

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  • 12 and up

Did you ever feel that you're lost and some kind of maniac is coming to kill you? In this book it happens to a 12 year old kid named Jack. He goes on a trip with his parents to Lake District. Jack felt something weird once he was there, like something strange was going to happen. On their trip, Jack and Rosie, his little cousin, get lost in the woods where there is a criminal coming after them. Jack's family also ends up in danger. Jack and Rosie must find a way out and save their parents, but how are they going to accomplish such an enormous task?

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The book is about a kid named Jack who is going to the mountains on a vacation with his family. But Jack is a little worried about going; he has been having a dream about a man with an ax standing at a doorway before getting grabbed by him!  But Jack never sleeps on after that; he always wakes up, so he doesn't know were he is or what happened.  Jack just leaves it behind and tries not to think about it on the ride up to the mountains, until he starts to get a funny feeling in his stomach.

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