The King of Pawleys
The King of Pawleys

When ten-year-old Peter arrives at the beach for his weeklong vacation, he pretty much knows what to expect. After all, his family has been coming to Pawleys Island for as long as any of them remember, so he quickly settles into their normal routine. But that routine is shattered in a flash when he witnesses a brutal fight in the middle of his first night there. Before he knows it, Peter is swept into a wild adventure that will test everything he thought he knew about this tiny coastal town as he races to discover who caused the fight...before the bad guy strikes again!

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The King of Pawleys




Book Details


  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

The King of Pawleys is a humorous story about a boy named Peter and his family, who take a trip to Pawleys Island every year. This year, they see a girl on the beach, and she is about Peter's age. They eventually make conversation and learn her name is Ali. Little does Ali know that her brother, Brian, is going to get really hurt.

Peter wakes up at night to a lot of screaming. He looks out the window to see a kid is punching and kicking others. Over and over again, someone keeps targeting kids, including Ali's brother, Brian.

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