Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time (Volume 1)
Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time (Volume 1)
Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time (Volume 1)
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From the moment he steps into the mysterious swirling portal in his granddad’s clock shop, Julian realizes that there is no going back. Instantly, he is sucked into the wormhole and spit out into a world very different from his own - a dimension frozen in time. There, trapped in permanent midnight, Julian must battle a maniacal villain bent on controlling time if he is to save his kidnapped grandfather before more portals are opened, unleashing chaos in every dimension, including his native London.

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  • Adventure
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In this story, the main character, Julian, becomes friends with Martin and Lily, then finds out that his grandfather has been kidnapped. To rescue his grandfather, Julian and his new friends must travel to a different world called Delphisola, a world where time does not move.

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Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time is a captivating story about twelve-year-old Julian, who lives with his grandfather. When Julian’s grandfather goes missing, it’s up to Julian and two of his friends to discover what happened. Along the way, they discover a rift in time. Julian and his friends decide to jump into it, and are thrust into another world that is frozen in time. Stuck at permanent midnight, Julian and his friends have to simultaneously save this world and their hometown, London. Can they do all of this and save Julian’s grandfather?

Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time is about teenager Julian Rigby and his thrilling adventures. Julian lives in a clock shop with his grandfather. One day after school, Julian comes home and finds the shop broken into, then discovers his grandfather is missing.

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