Jennie's War: The Home Front In WWII
Jennie's War: The Home Front in World War II (1944) (Sisters in Time #23)
Jennie's War: The Home Front In WWII
Bonnie Hinman
Time Period:  July 1943 - June 1944  Ten-year-old Jennie Fleming is doing what she can to help win a war-she's hoeing weeds in her "Victory Garden." In 1944, with the United States battling both Germany and Japan in a worldwide conflict, everyone must play a part in the overall war effort. Jennie's War uses actual historical events to tell the intriguing fictional story of a young girl on the "home front"-and her suspicions that a new man in the neighborhood might be a spy. The compelling reading makes it a favorite of eight- to twelve-year-old girls.

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  • Adventure
  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Will Jennie ever be able to catch Pietro in the act? Jennie is led to believe that Pietro is a spy trying to find out information about Boeing, a factory that makes airplanes for the war, after she sees him doing some very suspicious things. One day Jennie overhears Pietro talking to a strange man about meeting in the underground, and having no idea where that is, she decides to follow him. While doing so she runs into a small problem along the way and has to seek the help of her brother, Tommy, in order to solve it.

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