I Am Sam
I Am Sam
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Sam always knew he was a little different. Now he is on an adventure to learn who he is. It will change his life forever.

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  • Animals
  • Fantasy
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Sam, the main character in I Am Sam, written and illustrated by Rodney James, has always known he was different from the rest of his family. He couldn’t fly as early as his siblings and was much larger than them. Even though Sam knew his family loved him despite his differences, he felt that he needed to find out who he really was and embarked on a journey of self- discovery. Along the way Sam met many animals - owls, lizards, dogs, turtles, elephants, and pelicans - who all tried to help him figure out who he was.

I Am Sam follows a curious pelican named Sam who does not know what he is. Sam is on a journey to figure out who he is, and along his journey, he encounters many animals who help him to determine what kind of animal he is. He makes many new friends on his exploration. He goes to this zoo and figures out that he’s a pelican, but then later that day he gets captured by humans at the zoo. Sam escapes with help from the other zoo animals, and he goes to find more of his species!

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