How I Saved a Planet!
How I Saved a Planet!
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Grab your space boots, buckle up, and join me in a wacky, out-of-this-world journey you’ll never forget!

After finishing freshman year at college and returning to my depressingly tiny hometown at the butt-end of nowhere, all I’m expecting is a summer full of boredom. I’m certainly not anticipating an alien to show up in my bedroom and ask me to help save his planet.

When Qarl the blue alien (not Carl, he hates that) demands my assistance, it’s clear an adventure is in store. His planet is in danger of being destroyed by the Great Leaders, Asdf and Jkl, and it’s up to me to travel to their lair and convince them otherwise.

It won’t be as simple as it sounds.


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  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult

A secret manuscript. An unbelievable story. A slightly unexpected, and entirely unknown author. All of this leads to a tale told in first person by a college freshman whose life of boredom in a single-stoplight-town turns quite suddenly into an intergalactic adventure through the stars!  

A sad and lonely college student is surprised one summer night by an alien. While this might sound like an old-fashioned story, it is not like any one you have ever heard before. This Earth-Human, as the aliens call him, is lured to another planet by candy and impressive technology where he is supposed to embark on a quest to save a planet full of people he does not know, from two of the most terrifying people in the universe who he also does not know. 

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