Hooray for Heidi!
Hooray for Heidi!
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It’s the Sumatran Games and Heidi the turtle is excited! On her way to the event, she makes friends with a jolly elephant called José. As the pair watch the sports, Heidi realises that a turtle could never compete - and her smile soon turns to frown. Will José be able to cheer Heidi up, and can the two animals find a way to join in the fun?

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  • Picture book

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  • 5 - 8
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The book Hooray for Heidi by Emma Sandford talks about the adventures of Heidi, a Sumatran turtle, and Jose, an elephant. As they travel and watch the Sumatran Games, both characters will have realizations on their skills and talents and those that they do not have. They will also realize the value of friendship, collaboration, and fairness. Will they ever be as good as the other animals in the Sumatran Games? Read all about it in Hooray for Heidi!


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Heidi the Turtle is on her way to the Sumatran Games, and along the way, she meets Jose the Elephant. They build a good friendship during the games, and Jose being the good friend he is, helps lift Heidi’s spirits each time she begins to feel inferior because of what she sees the other animals do when they compete in the games. But when Heidi sees Jose feeling sad, she turns the tables around and creates the wildest and funnest game that Jose and all the other animals will never forget.

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