Henri and the Magnificent Snort
Henri and the Magnificent Snort
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Henri is a joyful French bulldog with a happy life... and a magnificent snort! 

But when his family moves, Henri is bullied for the first time and launched on an adventure to learn about himself and the world, and to discover how lovable he truly is.

Equal parts charming and inspiring, readers will delight in and adore Henri, and be moved by powerful messages of kindness and respect for all beings.

This is a heartwarming story for kids and grown-ups alike, with the central message that we are all lovable, snorts and all!

Perfect for: kids, adults, dog lovers, Frenchie lovers, and anyone who needs reminding that they are magnificent.

Henri and the Magnificent Snort is inspired by Samantha Childs's experiences with being bullied in school, mixed with the life story and unique characteristics Henri, the author’s former French bulldog, who is an Instagram celebrity with currently over 67k followers. (Visit him online on Instagram at @henrilefrenchie.)

For more information about the book, visit www.henriandthemagnificentsnort.com


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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Henri and the Magnificent Snort is a fifty-five-page picture book that tells the story of Henri, a little French bulldog, who lives in New York but moves with his human mom to San Diego, California. He loved New York, especially Central Park, all his friends, building snow mutts, and going to the dog park. So, he was worried about what California would be like. However, there were palm trees and the seaside, a pool, and Doggie Day Care. He didn’t feel brave about day care.

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Henri, the French Bulldog, loves his home in bustling New York City. He lives in an apartment, has a dog walker, and steers clear of the pond in Central Park. When his mom decides to move to California, Henri is not so sure he’ll adjust to their new home. But, when he arrives, Henri is pleasantly surprised by the warm breeze and palm trees, and even meets new friends on his first day of doggie daycare. The next day, though, his new friends hear his unique snorting sound.

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