A Gypsy Curse - Full Moon series book 2
A GYPSY CURSE: Full Moon Series Book Two
A Gypsy Curse - Full Moon series book 2
Top Choice
A Gypsy curse that must be broken, a dangerous secret that cannot be revealed…Clara is a shape-shifter who is cursed. The curse is presenting her with huge problems and she wants rid of it, even though she’s been told it can’t be done.Luke is a Gypsy, whose clan has camped by Clara’s town. He happily spends his days exploring the woodland, while avoiding the ‘townies’ that live on the other side.When Clara bumps into Luke an opportunity presents itself. Luke’s family may know how to free Clara from the curse, if only she can gain their trust. But in becoming friends with Luke, Clara puts her own secret at risk. When the Gypsies abruptly disappear, Clara is left confused, anxious and alone.Will Clara ever see Luke again? Will she ever find a way to break the curse? And just how far is she willing to go to do so?A Litpick Top Choice Award winner, ‘A Gypsy Curse’ is the second book in the Full Moon series. If you enjoy a rollercoaster ride of action and suspense, then this book is a must read.

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Clara is sure Gypsies are out to get her when they establish their camp in the woods near her home, but when she meets a Gypsy boy named Luke, her mindset changes. She and Luke spend time together every afternoon and get to know each other quite well. But when she is invited to dinner, Luke’s grandmother senses the secret that Clara cannot tell anyone, especially a Gypsy: Clara is a shapeshifter.

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