Gularian Islands
Gularian Islands
Gularian Islands
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Fourteen-year-old Ben Mason has known for some time he’s a little bit different than other people. It isn’t until traveling back to Australia from a holiday in the United States he discovers just how true that is. Ben and his friends are flying home when their airplane crashes on a remote island. Guided by the captain, the passengers try to stay alive and safe until rescue arrives. But Ben feels strange things happening. Soon he meets a boy named Noke who saves Ben from drowning and a swarm of killer bees. Then, twenty-six days into their ordeal, Ben meets Goldevere, a prisoner of the dragon, Black Knight. Goldevere tells Ben he has the gift that can help both of their people and that he needs to find his wife Silver for help. They must work quickly to save the world from the angry black dragon.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

In Gularian Islands by Tracey C. Ayres, a teenager named Ben and his best mate, Gary, go on a plane trip back home to Australia from America. As the plane is flying over the Atlantic Ocean, it suddenly begins to lose altitude, forcing everyone to abort the vessel.

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