Tracey C. Ayres

Tracey C Ayres grew up in England with her parents and five siblings. With a childhood filled with adventures and fun, Tracey loved being surrounded by the family’s motley crew of animals.

Her parents lived in a small village in Berkshire, England, so Tracey and her siblings spent most of their free time exploring old castles and spooky woodlands.

After completing all her studies, she took off on her own adventures around the world, before meeting her future husband Steve. They married and had three beautiful daughters. Eventually, they moved to Australia and bought a farm.

When Tracey isn’t writing, she loves playing with her grandchildren, cooking and painting. 

Author of three books so far:
How the Parrot found his Pirate, 2018
Gularian Islands, 2018
Chasing Space Monkeys, 2012


Tracey C. Ayres

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