The Great Tree of Avalon
The Eternal Flame (The Great Tree of Avalon, Book 3)
The Great Tree of Avalon
T. A. Barron
Avalon, the great tree world connecting the earth and the heavens, is about to be destroyed. The warlord Rhita Gawr is bent on conquest—and using an army of deathless warriors, a corrupted crystal, and a plague of arrogance and greed to succeed. Three unlikely heroes are Avalon's only hope. Tamwyn, the wilderness guide, must travel the secret pathway to the stars. Elli, the brave young priestess, must defeat a terrible sorcerer in a realm of utter darkness. And Scree, the eagleman, must lead his winged people to do what seems impossible . . . This spectacular final volume of T. A. Barron's bestselling trilogy combines gripping adventure with profound ideas about the powerful connections between humanity and the world.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This book is the third, and final, book in the series "The Great Tree of Avalon". The main characters: Tamwyn, Elli, Scree, and Brionna, are on a race against time to stop the spirit warlord, Rhita Gawr, and his servant, Kulwych, from conquering Avalon. Tamwyn is trying to climb the branches of the tree of Avalon to reach the stars. The stars are actually the gateways to different worlds: the spirit world and the Earth. Tamwyn is working to stop Rhita Graw from reaching Avalon from these gateways. The only way to do this is to travel through the River of Time.

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