A humorous tale about a quirky robot. Fred is the latest American status symbol. New intelligence science has created the perfect servant for your home. However in Fred's case the inventor of the intelligence has a resentment against the owner of the robot company for stealing his ideas. For revenge he programs Fred to be anti social. A robot with a chip on it's shoulder will ruin the company as word gets out about Fred. A hilarious and wild pursuit for Fred ensues in New York in a desperate effort to capture the robot before any damage is done to the company image.

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  • Science Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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The thing I like about this story is the hard work of the writer as we can clearly see that he had read a huge number of books before writing this story. From the prologue, it didn't look so interesting but when you start reading it the way the story turns out to be far better than your expectation. I would just suggest the writer for his future books don't just think of the prologue as an overview of the story instead try to put some part of the story which if read would be helpful to read the story but if the reader didn't read it then also he/she can read the story from chapter one.
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