Roger Loff

My name is Roger Loff My pen name is Aaron T Knight I am an indie writer for over 20 years. It's a hobby acquired to lessen the boredom of extensive business travel. From time to time I queried publishing houses with no results. More then likely never made it from the slush pile. POD came along so I dusted off my manuscripts and went with Amazon. Marketing is tough going for an unknown indie writer so any public exposure on the internet is a help. I have thought of, and been tempted to.
announce I will jump off the Empire State Building if I don't get a publisher!
But even for me that seemed a little harsh.

I have 14 novels on Amazon. 6 are cozy mysteries 5 are Sci/Fi/fantasy humorous novels 4 other novels of mixed genres.
My novels are mainly satire, humor and comedy. It's not a large category in the fiction market. I hope readers
haven't lost their sense of humor although these days I know it can be severely strained.