Four Secrets
Four Secrets (Carolrhoda Ya)
Four Secrets
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"I don t know if all schools are like mine, but at North Holmes they have this thing that can happen, from out of the blue, and there is even a code word for it it's called getting stung." Katie, Nate, and Renata had no farther to fall. "They become like scorpions; they sting you till you die." But when they hit the bottom of the social ladder, they found each other. Together, they might be able to change things. To stop the torment. "We were united. We were going to take a stand." So they made a plan. One person seemed to have everyone's secrets and all the power. If they could stop him..."We needed first of all to get Chase alone. Away from his friends." But secrets are complicated, powerful things. They are hard to keep. And even a noble plan can go horribly wrong. "What a dark and terrible place this school is."

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Chase Dobson deserved it. At least that’s what they thought. Now the three best friends, Katie, Nate, and Renata, are left to think if kidnapping the biggest, most powerful bully in school really was a good idea. All they wanted to do was stop all of the terrible things he was doing to other kids. But now they know he holds all of their secrets. Now they can’t break the pact. They can’t. What really happened that night? 

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Nobody likes a bully. Nate, Katie, and Renata are no different. They just want to stop the bullying. So they devise a plan. A devastating, horrible plan. A plan that will crush the bullies, but also crush their lives. They dont care. Theyre at the bottom of the social ladder as it is. Theyre already outcasts. What have they got to lose? When the plan is in full swing, theyre certain that theyve thought of everything. Theyve accounted for every minute detail. Except getting caught and being thrown into Juvie.

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