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Four Secrets (Carolrhoda Ya)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy
Five Star Award

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Nobody likes a bully. Nate, Katie, and Renata are no different. They just want to stop the bullying. So they devise a plan. A devastating, horrible plan. A plan that will crush the bullies, but also crush their lives. They dont care. Theyre at the bottom of the social ladder as it is. Theyre already outcasts. What have they got to lose? When the plan is in full swing, theyre certain that theyve thought of everything. Theyve accounted for every minute detail. Except getting caught and being thrown into Juvie.


From page one you know something is awry. Why are these kids in Juvie? What have they done wrong? DID they do something wrong, or is this just a big misunderstanding? And the questions pile up from there. But by the last page everythings resolved. All your questions are answered. Some answers are not what you want them to be. They are anything but what you expected. This book grabs you and pulls you into its dark story from page one. You are sucked in, and you wont want to escape until you read the last page. Suspenseful and intriguing, the plot is excellently crafted. The style of writing differs with each chapter. That in turn helps the plot become even more twisted and unpredictable than it already is. Most of the characters are realistic and believable from the beginning. Katie, Nate, and Renata - while having completely different personalities - are all such fantastic characters. They compliment the plot nicely, and they seem as if they were created to fit the roles that they play. As if they truly were real. The author has succeeded in making her readers forget they are reading. She has instead made us feel as if WE are the detectives. We must find the answers to the questions we ask. She makes us feel as if this is real life; as if we are right there with the characters, experiencing life alongside them. I cannot express my delight in reading such a well-crafted novel. I truly cannot put into words how amazing this story is. All I can say is this: Go out and read this book for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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