The Flower Girl
The Flower Girl
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Grace is learning about Obedience! Cookies and flowers are her favorite things. In the pursuit of these, she often forgets everything else. One day that’s exactly what happens, lost and afraid she must find her way home.

The Flower Girl is available in English and Spanish.

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  • Faith-based
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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The Flower Girl by Nicole Patrice Thomas is a story about obedience. A little girl named Grace was faced with trouble when she did not follow the rules her mom gave her. As she tried to resolve her problems on her own, she got into even deeper trouble. With the help of kind animals she meets in the forest, Grace’s obedience was once again tested. Will she be able to get out of trouble? Follow the story of Grace in The Flower Girl.


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Grace is out picking flowers when she wanders into the woods and loses sight of her mother. Lost and confused, Grace seeks out the help of some forest friends, but doesn’t listen to their instructions and continues deeper into the woods before they can help her find her way out. Can Grace learn patience and obedience before she gets too far from home to return?

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