Nicole Patrice Thomas

The fastest way to see the world and experience adventures without limits is to open a book. Reading has always been my favorite thing to do, it is what I would rather be doing day and night. I am a CUNY graduate holding a BA degree in Advertising and Public Relations but my love has always been the literary world. 

In 2019 I reached a point in my life where I felt stagnant, I needed direction and a fresh start. As a Christian I take my direction from my heavenly father, so when He woke me at 3am one January morning with the desperate voice of a woman as she ran for her life and the life of her unborn child repeating in my head, I wrote it down and kept writing. That is how the first book in my fantasy trilogy started. The trilogy was completed a year later as well as a children’s book, corresponding coloring book and a spanish translation.

I am a hospitality professional by trade and a poet at heart. My goal is to spread light and love to my readers, to give them characters they can relate to. Characters who find redemption and hope despite betrayals, that they will see themselves reflected in some aspect within the pages and know that regardless of how or where they start in life, the ending can always change.


Nicole Patrice Thomas


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